Increase your job readiness and possible eligibility for employment at Assured Home Care

While many businesses have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and are reducing their workforce, Assured Home Care, being an essential service provider, remains an active employer in the community services sector. As Assured Home Care continues to grow, employment opportunities are increasing for trained workers with the right values. Limited time offer – Complete your […]

Thinking about a career in disability and aged care?

Community support work can bring much needed workplace flexibility and great personal reward. We asked some of our longest serving employees to share their experiences. Deb Deb has been with Assured long enough to remember a time when there were only a handful of staff in the office. Motivated to “give back to the community,” […]

Technology supports our front-line staff

As most of the work performed by our community support workers is in the client home, we understand that our team can sometimes feel removed from the organisation. Maintaining a close relationship with our support workers, ensuring that they feel recognised, supported and connected with our office team and other support workers is, therefore, of […]

Tutti Arts, in tune with musical ability

Tutti Arts is proving every day that having a disability is no barrier to artistic achievement! The Tutti Choir was a highlight at our recent 10 Year Anniversary event at the Zoo, delighting the crowd with an inspiring performance of original songs and well-known hits designed to get everyone’s vocals humming. This month, we had […]

Why our Carers Care!

It’s a truism that helping others can bring great personal reward. As many of our support workers can attest, developing strong bonds with the people that they care for, and their families, can be the most satisfying part of the job. “It’s all been a good experience,” says Support Worker Berneice, revealing the positive attitude that she brings to […]

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