Why our Carers Care!

It’s a truism that helping others can bring great personal reward.

As many of our support workers can attest, developing strong bonds with the people that they care for, and their families, can be the most satisfying part of the job.

“It’s all been a good experience,” says Support Worker Berneice, revealing the positive attitude that she brings to her work.

Over the last 8 years, Berneice has worked with several disability and aged clients across Adelaide, with some relationships spanning her time with Assured.

“I’ve always worked in caring,” says Berneice.

“I did do a stint in a nursing care facility but found that it didn’t allow the time to really develop a connection with people,” she says.

“I definitely prefer the rapport and one-to-one relationship that comes with working in home support.”

“Just the feeling that you are helping families, and the appreciation that clients have of the work that you do.”

It’s this close relationship, built over the years, that Berneice values the most.

“With some of my clients, I feel like I’m an extra Nanna,” says Berneice.

“Some clients have waited until I come back from holidays, rather than have another support worker in,” she says.

“That’s very rewarding to hear.”

Support Worker Anne would agree.

Making the career change to disability care some 7 years ago, Anne has enjoyed the strong bonds that she has developed, not just with her clients, but with their entire family.

“I’ve been able to observe the impact of an individual’s disability on the parents, and siblings,” she says.

“Having the ability to step in and help families, when I’ve seen the Mum’s (in particular) really struggle – is very rewarding,” she says.

“Caring for others has enhanced my life.”

A sentiment that Support Worker Myrna would wholly agree with.

Myrna used to work in manufacturing, but with a downturn in the industry, looked to domestic support as a career option.

“Becoming a part of people’s lives has been extremely rewarding,” says Myrna.

“Knowing that my clients look forward to me coming, and just to hear them smile or laugh is very motivating,” she says.

“I have some ‘golden girlfriends’, elderly clients who I spend some of my time with, even outside of work.”

“I learn a lot from them, such as crafts, recipes, gardening and games,” she says.

“I value my work and should have done it years ago,” she says.

Support Worker Fatma, who has been with Assured now for over 9 years, sums it up well.

She believes that caring for others has made her a happier person.

“I love the people”, she says.

“If they cry, I cry. If they laugh, I laugh.”

“My job makes me a better person,” she says.

“It helps me to understand people and gives me more knowledge of how to help people.”

We will be recognising Berneice, Anne, Myrna, Fatma and several other long-serving staff as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations.

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