NDIS Participant Service Charter and Improvement Plan

The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) has invested in listening to the feedback of participants, their families, carers, service providers and other members of the disability community in seeking to improve the operation of the NDIS. The recent release of the new NDIS Participant Service Charter, including Participant Service Guarantee, and Participant Service Improvement Plan […]

Latest from the NDIS

As at July 1, the geographic rollout of the NDIS is now complete, with the inclusion of Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands as the final locations of coverage. Whilst the Scheme now covers 100% of Australian territory, marking a major milestone, service delivery sits at 90% with 364,000 Participants now receiving services. The National […]

Greater flexibility for Participants in use of NDIS Transport funds

Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, announced at the beginning of February important changes that will provide greater flexibility and choice in using approved Plan funds for transport. The changes mean that, from the 1st March, NDIS Participants will be able to use their core support funding more flexibly to claim costs of transport to […]

Mental Health reform and the NDIS

The mental health care system in Australia is undergoing significant reform, as futures around NDIS funding are continuing to shape. The Productivity Commission puts the cost of mental ill health to the Australian economy at $51 billion per year. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Australians experience mental ill health every year. $18 billion is spent […]

Management of your NDIS Plan

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So, you’ve worked out what disability supports you need, and would like, to access. How will you go about administering your NDIS Plan? Plan Management involves coordinating all your NDIS funded supports from selected providers; managing all plan expenditure against budget, coordinating supplier payments and expense reimbursement, and ensuring all government reporting requirements are met. The National Disability Insurance Agency […]

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