Greater flexibility for Participants in use of NDIS Transport funds

Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, announced at the beginning of February important changes that will provide greater flexibility and choice in using approved Plan funds for transport.

The changes mean that, from the 1st March, NDIS Participants will be able to use their core support funding more flexibly to claim costs of transport to and from NDIS funded community-based activities.

The decision reverses an unpopular earlier mandate that ‘blocked’ participants from using funds in this way, enabling Participants to reallocate costs of transport, including those who already receive a periodic payment for transport.

The NDIS will soon release an updated Price Guide, including transport rates and costs, which have been set as the following:

• up to $0.85 a kilometre for a standard vehicle not modified for accessibility;
• up to $2.40 a kilometre for a vehicle that is modified for accessibility or a bus; and
• other forms of transport or associated costs up to the full amount, such as road tolls, parking, public transport fares.

Further Information:

Visit the NDIS website, click here

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