NDIS Participant Service Charter and Improvement Plan

The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) has invested in listening to the feedback of participants, their families, carers, service providers and other members of the disability community in seeking to improve the operation of the NDIS.

The recent release of the new NDIS

Participant Service Charter, including Participant Service Guarantee, and Participant Service Improvement Plan provides a road map for how the NDIA will better serve Participants, the service timeframes that will be met, and changes to be made to ensure the Scheme meets community expectations into the future.

The Participant Service Charter outlines the NDIA’s commitment to providing Participants with a service that is:

• Transparent – making it easy to access and understand information and decisions.

• Responsive –responding to individual needs and circumstances.

• Respectful – Recognising individual experiences and acknowledging that Participants are experts in their own lives.

• Empowering – Making it easy to access information and be supported.

• And, Connected – Allowing Participants to access the services and supports they need.

Included in the Participant Service Charter are new timeframes for NDIS service delivery processes, known as the Participant Service Guarantee.

The Service Guarantee is intended to provide Participants with a guide as to how quickly they should expect a response decision from the NDIA regarding services, plan approval, plan reviews and nominee changes.

The NDIA will retrospectively measure itself (where possible) against the proposed Participant Service Guarantee timeframes from 1 July 2020, ahead of the anticipated legislative change.

The NDIS Service Improvement Plan details Scheme changes and improvements to be made in the next two years. It details the practical steps that will be taken to ensure the NDIS lives up to the expectations of Participants, their families and carers, their providers, the broader community, and the NDIA.

The NDIA will continue to work with service providers and the disability community to facilitate ongoing advice and feedback and has outlined a commitment to transparency through the process.

We look forward to seeing the changes taking place over the coming years.

Participant Improvement Plan
Participant Service Charter

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