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Prayer Notes

September 2020

This month’s meeting will be held:

Monday the 7th of September
12:00pm, Online conference

Our focus for September will be the teachings of Ed Silvoso and the idea of building a church (Ekklesia) from community.

In preparation for this month’s meeting, we invite you to watch the following video clips about the power Jesus entrusted to His church, His Ekklesia. As we all know, the Church is the only institution that has a branch in every neighborhood, and when it begins to operate as the Ekklesia—the assembly of two or more around the presence of Jesus—it can have agents on every block to push back the darkness for people to turn from darkness to light.

If you would like to join us for this month’s meeting,
please register your interest via Eventbrite today!

Registrations will close, one hour prior to the event.

Intro to the Ekklesia

Ed Silvoso shares an introductory teaching on how the Ekklesia was first established and how understanding what Jesus originally intended.​

Intro to Ekklesia everywhere

The key to praying prayers God wants to answer

Abiding in the manifest presence of Jesus

The key to praying prayers God wants to answer

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