Rebecca finds career development in coordinating care services

Delivering quality care services requires skilled coordination.

Assured Home Care has a small but dedicated administration support team that works to ensure that customer requests are matched with the coordination of support services.

Not always an easy job, according to Rebecca Closter, who has quickly been promoted to the role of Assistant Coordinator.

“Allocating a suitable support worker who is available for the shift and has the necessary qualifications, training and skills required for that client is just so important to get right.”

Rebecca (27) is just one of our valued support team members at Assured that contributes ‘behind the scenes’ to the smooth operation of the organisation.

Since starting with the organisation as a Receptionist in 2016, she has achieved remarkable career progression and has had the opportunity to grow with the organisation, with mentoring provided and a defined pathway to disability service support and coordination.


Rebecca’s personal and career background has given her insights into disability care from the perspective of both a client and a support worker.

“My best friend’s mum has an acquired brain injury. She is paralysed on her right-hand side.”

“Her family handle all her personal care, but also access services for social support.”

“I was able to see how beneficial these services are to people and how they make a huge positive impact in their life. I wanted to be a part of that.”

After finishing University, where she completed a Bachelor Degree in Psychological Science, majoring in counseling, she took on roles as a support worker with Endeavor Foundation and later Baptist Care, working with people in accommodation housing.

This experience has given Rebecca a level of understanding and compassion that is highly beneficial when interacting with support workers and clients.

Rebecca’s soft-spoken manner, kind attitude and her strong understanding of peoples’ needs complements her background and qualifications, making her an effective employee in this all-important coordination role.

A Day in the Life

Working closely with Client Service Coordinator Chrish , Rebecca assists with client management and rostering as well as providing backup for other Admin staff.

“I spend a lot of time managing rosters, attending to client needs and requests, and assisting support workers with client concerns or rostering issues.”

“This can be surprisingly difficult as each client has particular,and frequently changing, needs and we have a small group of regular support workers who are trained specifically to attend to each client.”

According to Rebecca, “The most difficult part of my job is covering last minute shift changes.”

Growth and Support

Assured Home Care strongly believes in supporting staff by providing avenues for professional growth and career progression. Something Rebecca has experienced first-hand.

“Providing me with a mentor (Chrish) has afforded the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities to perform tasks in a coordinating role,” she says.

“Chrish has taken me along to home visits, where I interact with support workers, clients and their families. Also in meeting with, and consulting, potential new clients.”

Staff development and ensuring career progression is vital for the success of Assured, as General Manager Brad Mumford points out.

“It’s not sufficient to train and develop a great team of support workers, we also have to ensure that our customer service team have the training and skills necessary to manage customer requests and coordinate our field team accordingly.”

“At AHC, we focus on caring for our staff just as much as our clients.”

“Delivering quality care requires team work, and we know the importance of developing a fantastic team.”

“Rebecca is just one example of a great individual within our care support team.”

“Thank you to Rebecca and thank you to all of your colleagues for your dedication.”

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