Isaac’s Story

19-year-old Isaac Della-Torre’s mum, Annie, originally took her son to Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club to volunteer at the canteen. Now he’s on a fast-track to becoming a lifesaver.

Since Isaac loves to clean and serve, this energetic Adelaide teenager originally thought he would volunteer to work in the club’s canteen but after acquiring his First Aid certificate, he has continued training to become a lifesaver.

“Isaac is on course to become a lifesaver. His main athletic goal now is to complete the Bronze Medallion,” Annie said.

Isaac’s steps to becoming a lifesaver, including attaining his first-aid certificate, have been possible due to the ongoing encouragement of his parents. Annie in particular has been Isaac’s main support in encouraging him to achieve his lifesaver dreams.

Annie said she also utilized the services of support workers. This in turn has rewarded Annie with some much-needed time to herself as well as a hearty home-cooked meal once or twice a week.

“Isaac loves to cook so with the help of his Support worker, he has cooked us dinner a couple of times. He also helps his dad with cleaning.”

Support services tailored to specific individual interests

Support services such as Assured Home Care in South Australia provides a break for parents and also customise their support services towards the individual and family needs and hobbies.

“We go out of our way to understand what the individual needs and interests are and will align our support workers with that individual’s passions and hobbies. Some have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to support workers but Assured is dedicated to purpose recruit for needs,” said Business Development Manager, Nerida Lamprill.

“If we don’t have a worker to meet those particular individual interests, we will purposely recruit workers to cater for those different areas of interests,” she said.

Ms Lamprill said they offered support services to those in the community who have a disability and who may have needed extra support to maintain their independence at home.

Annie has no regrets about using carers to help Isaac in his journey to becoming a surf lifesaver.

“I helped Isaac as he was learning First Aid so he could pass the test. He is a very determined young man who has also been involved in swimming for years. He also worked as a waiter at a restaurant on Saturday mornings,” Annie said. 

Semaphore Life Saving Club secretary and Inclusion officer Kate Newman saw the potential in Isaac and helped develop his skills. 

“Isaac’s mother Annie contacted us to see if Isaac could join the Nippers but since the highest age for that team is 14, I had him hang out with me for a day and he observed the surf lifesavers on patrol,” Kate said.

“We thought since he was open to it, he could train to become a lifesaver. Why should his Down syndrome be a barrier? He’s signed on as a First Aider and he’s had his first-ever official patrol. We’re supporting him with the next step and ultimate aim of achieving the Bronze Medallion.”

The Bronze Medallion means Isaac will be able to participate in Surf Life Saving patrol operations. This is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia.

Since Isaac is also looking for employment opportunities, Kate said there could be scope for him to work in the canteen’s kitchen, in paid employment, where her husband Greg is the Canteen Manager.

“It’s wonderful to have Isaac here. He’s personable and a bit cheeky as well as meticulous and very orderly. 

Assured Home Care is a family-owned and operated company. They provide care support services to organisations and individuals within the community, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with support workers located throughout metropolitan Adelaide. Get in contact with a specialist carer here:

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