Introducing PACE

The Participant, Platform and Process (3P) Improvement Initiative stands as a fresh strategic endeavor introduced by the NDIA, with the aim of enhancing the overall client experience within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). At the heart of this initiative lies the brand-new PACE system, intricately linked with the NDIS Portal, which will play a pivotal role in optimizing NDIS participants’ interactions with the NDIA.

The PACE system is built upon the foundation of Salesforce CRM, meticulously crafted by the NDIA, exclusively for the NDIS. This tailored design ensures that PACE is finely attuned to the unique needs of NDIS participants and their service providers.

Some key insights into PACE include:

1. New Provider Portal: The forthcoming provider portal will be gradually introduced to replace the current version (myplace). This transition will bring forth the following functionalities:

  • Providers will gain access to comprehensive participant and plan information. 
  • Support Coordinators will be empowered to submit Requests for Service through PACE.

2. Novel Functions and Controls: A noteworthy feature on the horizon is the introduction of ‘participant-endorsed providers.’ This function establishes a direct relationship between the provider and the participant, with participant approval being a requisite.

3. Service Booking Evolution: The upcoming changes will relieve providers of the need to create service bookings. Instead, they will gain access to the Participant’s plans within the NDIS system during the plan implementation stage.

4. Transition Away from Single Claims: The existing single claim function is set to be phased out, with all claims being mandated to be submitted via a bulk upload process.

5. Shifts in Support Types and Categories: Anticipate the addition of new support categories and the renaming of some existing ones. 

For existing Participants, the transition to the new system will occur when their plans are reassessed. New Participants, on the other hand, will embark on their NDIS journey through the PACE system upon joining the scheme.

We kindly ask our valued clients to stay tuned for further updates as we journey together through these transformative enhancements within the NDIS. At Assured Home Care, your experience is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way. 

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