Introducing Ash and Cari

We are very excited to introduce two very special members of the Assured Home Care team, our very own mascots Ash and Cari!

Ash and Cari are friendly characters who live inside the Assured Home Care logo. Occasionally they pop out to remind us that what we do – every day – helps make a positive difference in people’s lives.

They are our brand champions, leading by example and encouraging us all to continue to put the needs of our clients first!

Ash and Cari represent the care relationship that embodies our organisational values, and the two elements that make up our Care Triangle service delivery model – Support Workers and Support Coordination.

But who are they?

Ash has been a Support Worker with Assured Home for more than 5 year now, and he loves his job – he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Ash is hands-on and loves to find out what makes you tick! He is free-wheeling and loves to go with the flow, lives in the moment, likes to have fun, is always laughing, and looks for the positive in everything.

Ash is a glass half full kind of a guy.

He loves people – if there is a party, Ash is there, need a speech at your birthday – there is Ash again. His enthusiasm is infectious!

Ash is open and accepting of everyone. He genuinely wants to make sure that people are having as much fun as he is!

Cari has been part of our Support Coordination team for just on 2 years now – she loves to know that the work she does helps people live better lives.

Cari is the serious one who loves to organise things, she’s a stickler for details. If you need anything scheduled, organised, coordinated, administered – Cari is your girl.

She can be a worrier at times but only because she works so hard to make sure that everyone is happy. She will bend over backwards to accommodate people’s needs.

Although Cari is a little quieter, she is a good listener who genuinely cares about people. You can always rely on her as a friend to talk to.

In her spare time, Cari likes to relax at home, usually curled up with a good book.

Let Ash and Cari put you at the centre of our care.

Ash and Cari will be popping up regularly across our social media and the website to help out by providing some interesting facts and updates on home care services, the NDIS and everything Assured.

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