Full steam ahead as the NDIS rollout nears completion in SA

The rollout of the NDIS is now over 90% complete in South Australia, according to latest data reports from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The NDIA publishes regular quarterly reports on Scheme performance and operations across Australia, which are reported to the COAG Disability Reform Council.

The NDIA’s latest quarterly report to 31 Mach 2019 identifies that in South Australia:

  • Overall, 27,487 participants have now been supported in SA, with 46% receiving support for the first time.
  • $1.4bn has been committed in 26,235 active participant plans, with just over half of funds allocated to Core – Daily Activities.
    $850.7 million has been paid to date.
  • The percentage of participants in paid work has increased from 6% at Scheme commencement to 19%.

This quarter,

  • There were 2,663 additional participants with approved plans this quarter (representing an 11% growth on previous quarter).
  • Of those additional participants, 41% have support coordination included within their plan. 20.5% are self-managing their plan, or partly managing their plan. 38.5% are plan managed (independent plan manager), with 41% fully agency managed (through the NDIA).
  • Participant satisfaction has increased over the quarter – 82% of participants rated their satisfaction with the Agency’s planning process as either good, or very good.
  • Fund utilisation is still emerging. Fund utilisation has been low through plan rollout as participants tend to utilise less of their first plan. Utilisation rates are expected to increase as participation matures, and participants enter second, and subsequent years of their plans.
  • 92% of active participants with a plan approved during the quarter access mainstream services.

The report also provides participant outcome indicators (by age profile) in terms of meeting fundamental 8 NDIS performance criteria i.e. improved life choices, improved relationships etc.

The report indicates a latest forecast to full Scheme completion to July 2019.

Further Information
The next quarterly performance report will be published 31 July 2019.

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