Aged 65+ and needing a little support at home?

If you, or someone you know, is aged 65+ and requires a little help around the home, then Assured Home Care can assist.

Assured Home Care is now accredited to deliver a range of direct support services to those aged 65+ under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), as well as to privately funded clients.

For some time now, Assured Home Care have been providing subcontracted home care services to Local Government authorities and approved Aged Care providers in South Australia.

However, with the move to a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model in Australia providing greater choice and control over the services that you engage, we decided to offer our services direct to clients outside of these programs.

We provide home care services that help you to remain independent in the home; that help you to look after yourself, your health and self-care, and that provide timeout for you and/or your family. We can also help to coordinate all your support services, including therapeutic support.

From general housekeeping, to grocery shopping, to personal care and grooming, to help with medication – we can assist!

“Whilst it’s not a fundamental change from the care services that we’ve already been providing over the years, it is wonderful to be able to offer our services to an even greater number of people,” says Michelle Manuel, Assured’s Assistant Client Services Manager, Aged Care.

“It’s great that people have a choice,” she says.

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