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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much will the service cost?
In some instances the service will not cost you anything because we work closely with organisations that receive state and federal funding. Privately funded services are available at a competitive price. Please contact us on 8374 2444 for more information.

Do you have Staff experienced in working with children with Autism?
Yes we have many staff who not only have certificate IV in disability but also have experience working with children with autism, Aspergers sysndrome and ADHD, as well as many other child related disabilities/conditions.

How much notice do I need to give?
Being a support agency, our staff are used to shifts starting at short notice. Often we get referrals that are due to start in an hour’s time!

Will I meet the Support Worker before they care for my relative?
Absolutely we call these “intro visits”, it’s a great way to get to know your Support Worker/s before they commence services and to orientate them to your home and routine. Just let us know that you would like an intro visit.

I’m going on holiday overseas is it possible to have someone come and check on my relative while I’m away?
Yes! This is a common request. It doesn’t matter that you might be overseas, as long as we have an alternative contact number of another friend or relative while you are overseas, in case of emergencies, we would be happy to assist by checking on your loved one while you are away.

My grandad is quite stubborn and difficult to get along with, would he still be able to receive care from your organisation?
All our support workers have training and experience in dealing with clients who may have challenging behaviours. Your relative would definitely be able to receive services from Assured Home Care. You can be rest assured that the worker going will understand his needs and provide excellent care

What kind of training and experience will my support worker have?
All our support workers are required to have a minimum requirement of certificate III in aged care (or equivalent). We also employ Registered Nursing students and Enrolled Nursing students who are currently studying at a tertiary level. Support workers come to us with a variety of experience and skills.

Who do I talk to if I have any problems or I need to change or cancel my Support Worker?
The first step is to contact the Coordinator on 8374 2444, they will be able to assist with most of your queries. If you would like to speak to a manager regarding complaints or other matters they are also available on the same number.

How many hours of support can I have?
This varies and is genuinely not determined by Assured Home Care. If you receive services from us through another organisation (e.g. Carer Support), they will determine the hours of care you receive, we can, however, direct you to the appropriate coordinator to contact regarding this query so please just give us a call. If you are receiving services on a private basis, there is no limit to the amount of hours you receive.

What should I do if I don’t “click” with my Support Worker?
This doesn’t happen often but sometimes clients don’t take to a particular Support Worker, this usually has nothing to do with them personally, it is usually just differences in personality. If this occurs we would be more than happy to organise an alternative worker for you. If you would prefer an “intro visit” with the new worker before this service that can also be arranged.

What if I need to speak with someone after hours?
Assured Home Care office hours are 7am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Weekends and Public Holidays, however we divert our phones to an on-call coordinator after hours in case of emergencies. For general enquiries we do encourage people to contact us during office hours.

Do I pay the Support Worker directly?
Generally speaking no, if you are booking a service privately you will need to make payments direct to Assured Home Care. However if we are providing a service to you on behalf of your local council, a client contribution may be required to be paid. This will be explained to you by your local council.

Will my loved one always receive the same Support Worker?
We try our best to ensure that continuity of care is achieved, unfortunately due to the varying schedules of our Support Workers, there is a chance that you will have more than one worker attending when multiple services are booked. Sometimes we negotiate the times of the service so the same Support Worker attends but this depends on client flexibility. If you are anxious about having more than one Support Worker please let the coordinator know.

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